Saturday 13 June, BBC One

A brand new Saturday night entertainment show for BBC One presented by Emma Willis and Reggie Yates. Filmed on location in Morocco and in the studio at Farnborough airport, Prized Apart will see ten ordinary couples battle it out for the chance to win a life-changing prize.
13 Sat - Prized Apart

Each couple comprises an adventurer and a studio player. Ten contestants will be based in the UK, while their partners will be abroad. The adventurers compete in a set of physically and mentally challenging tasks in Morocco with Reggie Yates on hand to support them; their aim is to stay in the competition as long as possible and avoid being sent home to the uk until the last episode. The studio players remain in the uk and could find themselves answering make or break questions posed by Emma Willis, to keep them and their partner in the competition and in the running for the prize.

In this episode the ten adventurers bid farewell to their loved ones and head to Morocco to face their first challenge – the first team task of the series. Having jumped from a helicopter they are divided into two teams, each of whom must build a raft and race across the water to the mainland.

The losing team then face the survival challenge. To stay in the competition each adventurer must complete the jaw-dropping canyon swing, which means pulling themselves on a wire out over a 200ft deep canyon, summoning the courage to unclip themselves from their seat and swinging over the chasm. The two adventurers who jump in the quickest time are safely through to next week, while the three contestants who are placed bottom must fly back to the UK, where their studio partners anxiously await the result.

The pressure is now on the studio player to keep them both in the competition, by answering a set of general knowledge questions in a head-to-head quiz. As only two contestants can carry on their adventure, it’s up to the studio players to make sure they answer their questions correctly so that their adventurers get back to Morocco.

Sadly for the couple in third place, they are out of the competition. And so it continues until the final episode, where the remaining adventurers and their studio player partners compete to win the life changing prize.

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