In Emmerdale, it’s the bank meeting and Bob’s nervous about committing fraud but Val, dressed as Brenda, tells him to relax, insisting they will not get caught. Back at the café, Carly anxiously waits for them to return. But will the plan work? Or will Brenda’s curiosity cause her to ask too many questions as to Bob’s whereabouts?

At hospital, the doctor explains Ashley won’t be able to have many visitors once he wakes up. Harriet insists it will just be her, determined to shut Laurel out. Later, Ashley wakes up but doesn’t remember the accident. Harriet tells him he had a seizure. PC Ward arrives to talk to Ashley but it’s clearly all a blank to him.

Laurel apologises to Gabby and explains she’s been drinking too much and is going to get help. She later tells Doug she is going to an Aa meeting and he offers to go with her. But will Marlon be so accepting of her new resolve?

Adam admits to Victoria he’s made a mess of things and after mutual acknowledgement Victoria asks Adam to marry her. But soon Victoria is worried by news regarding Ashley. Leyla needs help to get the marker pen off Archie terrified of Jai’s reaction. Kerry gets in Dan’s bad books and Debbie gets put out.

In Corrie, after Julie confides in Todd that Adrian’s planning a surprise trip for Eileen, she’s thrilled to receive a text from Jeff in Dubai who’s flying into Manchester and wants to meet her for a drink at the Bistro. When Adrian rings, Eileen panics and is grateful when Todd takes the phone, offering to tell him she’s ill. But when Eileen arrives in the Bistro and scans the room for Jeff, she’s horrified to come face to face with a beaming Adrian. Her alarm turns to utter confusion when Todd appears, what has he done?

A brooding Dev invites Julie to the Bistro to discuss their future. Julie’s overjoyed, thinking he’s going to propose. Mary’s quietly sceptical.

Steph and Andy dread Nick’s next move, fearing he will sack them or report them for fraud. Steph and Andy promise Nick they only kept up the fraud to protect Michael. As they beg for their jobs what will Nick decide?

Beth’s concerns remain even though the doctor finds nothing wrong with Craig. When they then realise he’s lied about going to Faye’s after school, their suspicions grow.

In part 2, Eileen squirms as Todd gleefully urges Adrian to give Eileen her surprise. Adrian enthuses about a hotel he’s booked for them. Todd enjoys Eileen’s anxiety, clearly expecting Jeff to arrive at any minute. Unsettled by Todd’s demeanour, Eileen deduces that he set up the meeting with Adrian, and comes to a decision to ditch Jeff and go away with Adrian. Unwilling to permit a happy ending, Todd takes huge delight in informing Adrian about his rival, Eileen’s dream man with whom he could never compete. Adrian’s stung while the penny finally drops for Eileen as she realises that Jeff is really Todd. Can Eileen plead her case with Adrian or has she blown her fledgling relationship? Eileen demands answers from Todd. He bitterly explains it’s payback for the time he was attacked and left scarred after being stood up by his family. Jason’s stunned when Todd confirms that he engineered his split from Eva too. How will Jason react to this? His revenge complete, can Todd stay in Weatherfield?

Believing Craig has started sleepwalking, Beth and Kirk camp out on the sofa for the night to catch him leaving the house. Rucksack on, Craig slips out of No.5 unseen while Beth and Kirk are distracted. What is he up to?

05 Corination Street - What is Craig up to

With Julie consumed by Eileen’s heartache, Dev has to leave their chat till another time.

Down in Walford, Jane and Ian are in shock following Cindy’s ultimatum. Will they be able to stop her from taking drastic action?

Meanwhile, Les meets up with Claudette and tells her that it’s over, but she warns him that ending things won’t be so easy. Back at home, Paul has a heart-to-heart with Pam, but will he tell her what he knows about Les and Claudette?

Elsewhere, a worried Phil looks for Sharon. What is she up to?

Also today, Ben boasts to Jay about his night of passion with Abi in The Arches. Jay soon sees through Ben’s act and warns him to stop searching for men, otherwise he’ll tell Abi everything. What will Ben decide?

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