In Emmerdale, Ashley lies unconscious in hospital whilst Harriet and Sandy are united in their worry.  Meanwhile, Laurel panics when she’s questioned by a judgemental police officer, who implies she had an altercation with Ashley which resulted in him being brought into hospital. Poor Victoria panics to discover Adam’s scrapped her car. She is feeling awful about Ashley so offers to accompany Diane to the hospital. Once at the hospital, Victoria looks on guiltily when Harriet suggests Laurel injured Ashley. Once home a terrified Victoria tells Adam how Laurel’s getting the blame for hurting Ashley. She’s taken aback when he says he’ll take the blame for her. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Laurel lets herself into the toilet cubicle and takes a big swig of vodka. Later. Adam comes downstairs, bemused to see there’s no sign of Victoria. It suddenly dawns on him where she is… Here´s another mega spoiler… Victoria arrives at the police station. She admits she knocked someone over who’s now in a coma.

David and Alicia are getting ready to leave. But with things a mess between Alicia and Leyla and Carly holding bad news over the shop it’s going to be an emotional departure.

Emma enjoys having the banter with her boys and likes feeling like they are a proper family; so much so, she invites herself to the pub with James. But at the pub when she sees an opportunity to keep James in the village and jeopardise his move she takes sly action.

Leyla’s exasperated by Jai’s attitude as she tells him how guilty she is about Megan. She soon hates herself for falling herself back into his arms.

In Coronation Street, David blames Gail for messing up his Cafcass meeting. Determined not to lose the court case, David goes in search of Kylie. When he turns up at Gemma’s house she claims not to have seen Kylie. But as Kylie hides away inside, will David buy Gemma’s story? Meanwhile Gail’s frantic, worrying about Michael. Eileen finds him having slept in a cab and takes him back to No.11 for a shower. When Michael reveals he’s split from Gail, Eileen agrees to let him stay on her sofa. Finding Michael drinking in the pub, having visited Gavin’s grave, can Gail plead her case with the man she loves?

Sophie’s suspicions about Jenny reignite when she listens to a strange voicemail message. She confronts Jenny in front of Kevin but when Jenny goes on the defensive, Kevin asks Sophie to drop it. However when Jenny secretly phones an estate agent about another flat, it seems Kevin should be taking more notice of Sophie!

Coronation Street - Can Sophie stop Jenny

When Dev learns Eileen and Adrian are dining at the Bistro, he eagerly suggests they make a foursome, keen to avoid a cosy table for two with Julie. Adrian confides that he’s booked a surprise hotel stay for Eileen, keen to take their relationship to the next level.

When Beth gets a call from school reporting that Craig keeps falling asleep during his revision classes, Beth quizzes Craig about his tiredness, insisting on taking him to the doctor.

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