In Emmerdale, Vanessa sends Adam upstairs as she finally lets Kirin in but Kirin can tell something’s wrong when he spots the nurse. Vanessa tries to cover but Adam’s phone gives his presence away and he finds Adam upstairs. Kirin is furious when Vanessa makes the admission.  And Kirin vows to kill Adam. Meanwhile, as Adam prepares to tell Victoria the truth, Kirin storms in…

Rishi’s shocked to find Rachel’s been arrested and Jai now has Archie. Sam fails to plead Rachel’s case but is impressed when Rishi arrives and fights his corner. Appalled at his son’s behaviour Rishi’s determined to give Jai some home truths…

Alicia’s furious when Leyla tries to change Jacob’s mind about Portugal. Later down in the dumps Leyla offloads to Jai and before too long it leads to something else! The attraction clearly still between them as they leave their drinks and head home..

Bernice is under pressure as Andy asks about her new boyfriend and trapped when Diane suggests she invite him to the pub.

Things are starting to settle down on Coronation Street as the fire investigators look around the Victoria Court flats Simon questions Ken and Tracy about the blaze, wondering what could have caused it. Tracy snaps at him, her guilt weighing heavily.

As Bethany ushers Max and Lily into No.8 she spots someone watching her from across the street. But who is it and what do they want?

Jenny’s desperate to hang onto Jack but are the Websters onto her?

Shocked by Liz’s revelation about Tony, Eileen and Erica do their best to comfort her.

29 Fri - Corrie - The Residents are in Shock

In Eastenders, Charlie visits the hospital to confront Ronnie about Vincent, but he holds off when she tells him that she is coming home today. Once they are back home and alone together, Charlie asks Ronnie about Vincent. How will she react?

Later, Phil has a run-in with Vincent and pays a visit to Ronnie afterwards, telling her that they need to sort him out once and for all. However, it turns out that Ronnie has another idea in mind.

Phil can’t resist interfering and tells Claudette about Vincent’s recent trouble with the police, but she refuses to rise to his baiting and instead warns Vincent to stay away from Phil. Continuing the feud, Vincent tells Phil that he needs money to stay quiet about Carl White.

Meanwhile, Masood and Shabnam are arguing again, with Shabnam refusing to listen when her father tries to make amends. Kush urges Masood to stop moping and concentrate on bringing his family back together, which gives Masood an idea.

Elsewhere, Donna encourages Liam to step up and he follows a drunken Roxy to The Albert, but he soon chickens out and instead asks for some of her drink. Sharon later spots the pair drinking outside and angrily puts a stop to it. Unfortunately, a critic for the Walford Gazette witnesses the commotion – is Sharon about to lose her licence?

29 Fri - Eastenders - Charlie Confronts Ronnie


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