In Emmerdale, Sam’s evasive when Lisa asks if he and Rachel have split. Rachel’s scared to tell Jai about Archie’s accident but he later finds out from Lisa. Soon Rachel is horrified when he threatens her with court. Rachel explains, hoping she’s done enough to reassure him. Jai purposefully winds Rachel up and soon once again a fracas ensues which has Rachel exactly where Jai wants her, in trouble.

Vanessa tells Kirin about Rakesh wanting her to have a termination. Rakesh is irked to be told they’ve decided to have the baby no matter what. Carly and Leyla are surprised Vanessa is pregnant and Leyla begins to wonder who’s the baby’s dad is. Adam admits to Moira he had a thing with Vanessa. Could Adam be the father of Vanessa’s baby?

27 Wed - Emmerdale - Trouble with Jai

In Coronation Street, With Tracy having snook from the flat will anyone find Carla before it’s too late? And when flames suddenly start licking through the building it looks like there could be more than one person in jeopardy!

Kal rushes back to Leanne, explaining he went home to fetch the ring so he could propose. Leanne’s thrilled. Will they get their happy ever after?

Maddie’s perplexed to find Jenny at No.13 wearing a wig with her bags packed.

Liz seethes over Tony’s betrayal but will he stick around for a showdown?

27 Wed - Corrie - Will Carla Escape

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