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UK Soaps – Tuesday 26 May 2015

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In Emmerdale, with Ruby due back tomorrow, Sam and Rachel decide to make the most of their last day alone together. The day takes a turn for the worse when Archie has an accident and needs to go to hospital. The doctor offers reassurance to Rachel, but when Sam is alone with the doctor, Sam makes a grim discovery which puts his whole relationship into question… Sam discovers this is in fact Archie’s first visit to A&E so realises Rachel lied when she previously said she had taken him due to him having swallowed a pill left by Belle. It’s a big enough lie for Sam to then end his relationship with Rachel.

Pete struggles with his jealousy over Ross as Debbie tries to assure him he’s all she wants. But as Pete remains uncertain, Debbie insists there is no point in them being together if he doesn’t trusts her. At the garage, Pete confronts Cain over Debbie and Ross convinced there is more to it, but Cain puts forward a convincing case to persuade Pete otherwise. Can Pete find a way to prove his trust in Debbie once and for all?

With Vanessa suffering morning sickness, Paddy soon puts two and two together and realise she’s pregnant. Concerned the news is spreading, Vanessa and Kirin decide it’s time to face the music and tell Rakesh. But how will he react?

Carly announces her grandad’s lent her the money for the shop and Bob covers his guilt over her lie when Brenda is relieved it wasn’t him who lent the money. Brenda thinks David should consider Carly’s offer and David agrees to listen. Will Bob and Carly’s secret set up come good?

Leyla puts on a brave face as she suggests to Jacob they plan some fun things together before he leaves. Carly and Ross enjoy each other’s company.

26 Tue - Emmerdale - A Last Day Picnic

In Coronation Street tonight, yes, on Tuesday. Corrie is on all week. As Tracy vows to destroy the lives of those she feels have wronged her, Steve waits nervously at the registry office for Michelle. Will the wedding go ahead without a hitch or will Tracy wreak revenge? Later that evening a dark and disturbed Tracy turns her thoughts to Carla. With murderous intent Tracy uses the keys she stole from Michelle’s bag and lets herself into Carla’s flat. As Carla lays asleep on the sofa her life is in Tracy’s hands as Tracy picks up a possible weapon…

Kal leads Leanne out to the Rovers back yard and goes down on one knee. But he’s annoyed to discover he’s forgotten the ring and telling Leanne not to move, sets off to find it. Leanne’s stunned.

Jenny packs Jack’s belongings into a holdall, ready for their getaway.

Sophie suggests to Maddie that after they’ve done up their new flat, they should have a holiday. Liz vows to confront Tony over his betrayal.

26 Tue - Corrie - Is History Repeating for Tracey

In Eastenders, Vincent is questioned by the police over the disappearance of the drug dealer in Dot’s court case. He is eventually released on bail. Soon afterwards, Kim’s birthday gets off to a bad start when Donna arrives and demands to know why she called the police. When Vincent returns to the Square, he assures Donna that it wasn’t Kim. He also asks Donna to be his alibi, but when she refuses, he is forced to ask Kim instead.

Following a convincing speech from Vincent, Kim goes to the police station and lies for him, but she later becomes suspicious over his intentions. Kim orders Vincent to leave, but he stands firm and wins her round by insisting that he wants to be her husband and Pearl’s father. The happy atmosphere doesn’t last for long as Donna later tells Kim that Vincent got rid of the drug dealer for Ronnie.

Meanwhile, Shabnam is busy preparing a dinner for Kush’s mum Carmel. Masood tells Tamwar that he knows where Shabnam’s daughter is, and although Tamwar insists that he should stay away, Masood attempts to make contact. When Carmel arrives for the meal later, Shabnam is surprised that Masood is suddenly nowhere to be found and demands an explanation from Tamwar. The dinner continues to go downhill until Masood arrives back home. Has he found his grandchild?

Elsewhere, still recovering in hospital, Ronnie grows jealous of Roxy’s relationship with Matthew and Charlie. In response, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Also today, Martin is feeling optimistic as he moves in with Stacey, but does she share the same feelings as him?

Finally, Liam is growing frustrated over Carol interfering in his life. He is given an opportunity by Donna, but Carol encourages him to decline the offer until his exams are over.

26 Tue - Eastenders - Kims Tells Vincent to Leave

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