In tonight´s Emmerdale,  Laurel is angry when her bank card is declined whilst attempting to buy vodka from David’s shop. She heads to confront Marlon who remains firm, he will not fund her drinking. Laurel knocks plates out of his hands and pleads for money from those around her, but one by one they all refuse. Laurel later finds herself in a non descript bar, relying on men to buy her drinks. But it soon becomes clear it is a dangerous strategy as we see just how far is Laurel prepared to go to get her next fix. Meanwhile, Marlon prepares himself for a frank discussion with his now absent wife.

20 Wednesday - Emmerdale - Laurel Lashes Out

Furious Rachel blames Lisa for them having to stay in the village. Jai tells Rachel they’re going to re-register Archie, adding his name as the father. Jai enjoys mocking Sam for falling for his trap. Later, Sam covers where he got his injury and a guilty Rachel apologises to Sam for her actions.

Carly notices the ‘For Sale’ sign go up at David’s and asks to be shown round. Later, Alicia tells Bob that Carly’s interested in buying the shop but insists it’s staying on the market until she gets the money. Bob’s delighted that the news suggests Carly wants to stay. But when Carly is refused a loan from the bank her chances of securing the premises appear reduced…

Betty arrives home from her travels and is dismayed no one seemed to care where she was or that she was coming back.  It appears Victoria hadn’t even seen her emails.

Adam’s behaviour leaves Victoria dejected.

In Coronation Street, excited at the prospect of a new life in Spain, Liz assures Michelle her job will be safe when Travis Ltd take over the pub. Michelle’s worried for her future and confides in Carla. Tony feels a stab of guilt. Will he waiver from his plan or is Tony too far under Tracy’s spell? Meanwhile Steve has a panic attack and admits he can’t face his stag do and the thought of going on a minibus so soon after the crash. Gary, Jason, Lloyd, Sean and Tyrone decide to go on without him. But the night Lloyd had planned in Liverpool falls flat and when Lloyd overhears the others complaining about the evening he takes offence and storms off. Tyrone goes after him and the pair find themselves aboard a fishing trawler. But as they hit the bottle is the night about to end in drama after all? Back in the pub the women attend Michelle’s hen night. But how will Michelle react when Carla offers to buy Liz’s half of the pub, thereby ensuring her job is safe?

20 Wednesday - Coronation Street - A Stag Party and a Fishing Boat

Sarah tries to apologise to David for the trouble Bethany has caused but David gives her short shrift, telling her they should have stayed in Italy.

Kal suggests to Zeedan he should consider becoming a PE teacher.

How will Sophie react when Maddie suggests they get a place of their own?

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