In our first trip of the week to Emmerdale, Sam’s nervous as Rachel is determined to have it out with Jai today after Sam’s recent revelation. Later, at Amba’s party Rachel refuses to leave Archie with Jai, telling him he’s not safe after what he did to Charity. Jai forces Rachel to go to the factory with him, saying there’s a problem but Sam is wary. At the factory, Rachel tells Jai she wants full control of Archie’s life, lying she’s prepared to sacrifice Sam if necessary. But a composed Jai takes Rachel by surprise and soon she is trapped, alone and screaming…

18 Monday - Emmerdale -  Jai takes Rachel by surprise

Robert tells Chas and Aaron he’s moving back in with Chrissie. Aaron tells Robert he’s in denial over being gay and insists in the future another guy will come along. At Home Farm, Lachlan and Chrissie are back after a counselling session. Lachlan blackmails Robert, wanting his laptop back. Will Robert find himself being manipulated by his stepson?

Rakesh realises he’s overreacted when David tells him there’s nothing between him and Priya and reassures David just how solid he and Priya are. Later, Rakesh apologises to Priya for his jealousy and has more than one proposal for her.

Alicia comments to Rakesh about how good Kirin is with Amba. David is envious of Rakesh’s role in Amba’s life. Kerry complains about Dan obsessing over his business course but is irked when she’s mocked by Brenda and Bernice and later has an announcement. Ross insists to Debbie he managed to talk Charlie down. Cain’s suspicious as he watched the pair talk and intrigued to later clock Ross training hard.

Meanwhile, in Coronation Street, David’s nervous as he prepares for Max’s custody hearing. In the waiting room, David suggests to Callum they sort out access to Max between them, but Callum’s not interested, telling him he’ll see him in court. David’s lawyer paints him as the doting Dad but David’s good mood is short-lived when Callum’s lawyer launches a character assassination, dragging up David’s criminal past. As Callum’s lawyer lists David’s past misdemeanours will David be able to keep his cool?

18 Monday - Coronation Street - What is Callum up to

Faye begs Anna to let her stay another night at No.4. Tim assures Anna it’s fine and Sally is forced to agree. But Sally’s put out when Tim invites Anna to join them for dinner. The two women are soon bickering. How will they react when Tim likens them to Faye and Jackson bickering over naming the baby? Will they all realise they’ve got bigger fish to fry?

Tony purposely lets slip to Steve that he and Liz would like to move to spain but Liz feels she can’t as she has to look after Steve. Will Liz agree that Steve no longer needs baby-sitting or will she be annoyed by Tony’s interference?

When Tony winds Zeedan up, pointing out Leanne has to fight his battles for him, Zeedan’s furious and resolves to get revenge. As Carla and Nick try out canapés for Michelle’s wedding reception, Erica clocks their intimacy and invites Nick to join her at her ante natal class. Will Nick agree and where does that leave him and Carla?

When we return for the second part, calming himself, David returns to court and apologises to the Judge. The Judge orders a full Cafcass report but what decision will be made about Max’s living arrangements in the interim? Will Callum be granted access to Max? Back at the Platt’s, David is raging following his character assassination, accusing Sarah of furnishing Callum with details of his past and risking his chances in court. Sarah denies all knowledge so where did Callum get the information?

Liz confides in Michelle that with Steve now on the mend, she feels the time is right to take the plunge and start a new life in spain with Tony. Liz announces that she plans to move to spain and is going to approach Travis Ltd and see if they’d like to buy her half of the pub too whilst letting Steve and Michelle continue to run it. Is Tony’s plan coming together?

Over dinner, Anna, Tim, Sally and Faye discuss Christening ideas for Miley. Tim’s pleased to see Anna and Sally making an effort to get on.

When Leanne catches Zeedan approaching Barlow’s Buys with a crowbar, will she be able to talk him out of doing something stupid? Nick invites Erica to stay the night.

Finally, in Eastenders, Dot’s family and friends learn the outcome of her trial. Has she been found guilty or not guilty?

Meanwhile, Vincent phones Ronnie and pretends to be Carl White. He then warns her that he knows the truth about what happened – she killed Carl. After receiving a worrying threat, Ronnie once again asks Phil for his help – but is Phil out of his depth this time?

18 Monday - Eastenders - Who is ringing Ronnie

Elsewhere, the father of Linda’s baby is finally revealed, and Shabnam’s date with Asim becomes awkward when he asks her about having children in the future. Fatima notes Shabnam’s frosty behaviour and soon tells her that she knows about the secret baby she had. Although Fatima promises not to expose Shabnam’s secret, she urges her to come clean herself. Later, Shabnam bumps into Dean and lets too much slip after misinterpreting his words. Dean is left speculating over Shabnam’s strange comments.



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