Kim is forced to face her fears now that she is face-to-face with Vincent. With Patrick and Denise by her side, Kim comes clean about what she saw.

Meanwhile, when Phil refuses to help Ronnie, she is forced to turn to Vincent for help instead. There is clear sexual tension between them, but Vincent refuses to get involved and uses the excuse that he is now a father. However, Vincent waivers when Ronnie reminds him about the gun.

Elsewhere, Sonia decides to put Bex’s needs first by inviting Martin to her and Tina’s joint birthday party after all. During the meal, Tina makes a speech to an uncomfortable Sonia and a drunken Martin soon causes a scene. When Sonia follows Martin to Ian’s, she opens a present from her estranged husband and they end up sharing a passionate kiss and Mick is doubting whether accepting Babe’s money is the right move. When Whitney and Lee come clean about the money they found in Stan’s old chair, Mick comes to a decision. Finally, Alfie is alarmed when he opens a letter which contains bad news for Kat.

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