I had almost forgotten to troll through Twitter to see what the ungrateful had been saying this year. There is a little bit of adult language in here, you have been warned, and one or two are made up with people jumping on what has now become a bit of a tradition, but, here are some of my favourites this year.

Oh, I removed the names of the people posting these, just to be safe, but you can search the hashtags yourself for more.


Did I get an XBox for Christmas? No. Is my mom a bitch? Well, apparently she is. #‎wishIwasNeverBorn‬ ‪#‎FuckChristmas‬

no puppy #fuckchristmas

Just when I thought I was special…No calls… no gifts… no company… #FuckChristmas

3 shitty gifts, 2 lazy dogs, and a husband asleep on the couch #fuckchristmas

Got a piece of ass and a new shirt for Christmas and they were both too fucking big. #fuckchristmas

My parents didn’t get me an iPhone 6 for Christmas because I’m a grown ass man with a job and bought my own ‪#‎ihatemyparents #fuckchristmas

Where my Xbox one and 6 at? #fuckChristmas

just opened presents, got a MacBook Pro when I wanted the Air. and got the gold iPhone 6+ when I asked for black. #fuckchristmas seriously?

I fucking told my parents I wanted an iphone 6plus for Christmas and they get me a 6 instead. Fucking dumb. Fuck my parents. #FuckChristmas

So hate my asshole brother…X-mas wish is 4 hm 2 end up in jail/dead…#‎Christmassucks‬ today

Honestly I don’t even know how to pretend to be happy about that one…‪#‎ungrateful‬ ‪#‎maybe‬ ‪#‎alittle‬ #ChristmasSucks

Well my niece got an iPhone 5s… I’m guessing I’m gonna get nothing from my parents (as usual). #Christmassucks

Why is my xmas tree shedding its needles? It’s not even real! Next year I’m using a stick #christmassucks

Was it really too much too ask for an iPhone mom and dad,WAS IT?‪#‎hatemyparents‬ ‪#‎hatechristmas‬

Omfg hml I got an iphone6 with black earphones instead of white I hate ny parents they are such selfish assholes. #hatechristmas

No presents as always #hatechristmas

And finally, although this is definitely kind of fake as it´s an account run by a bear…

parents let me down i wanted unicycle but they got me honey ‪#‎cheesed‬ #fuckchristmas ‪#‎BearsTalk‬

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals 🙂 

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