Thursday 8 May


Montague takes the bait. In a tense encounter, Brennan tries to record him confessing, but the arrival of Imogen transforms the situation. Susan’s suspicions lead to the police arriving. Montague tries to get away with Imogen as a hostage, but Brennan manages to fight him off. Montague escapes nonetheless, only to run into Callum in the back yard.


Vulnerable Ste finds himself under Grace’s spell. Does she have an ulterior motive? Ziggy refuses a modelling job, leaving his agent high and dry. Can anyone get him to change his mind? And just what is Peri up to?

Emmerdale thuEmmerdale

Donna’s money problems force her to consider darker options. As David, Alicia and Leyla continue to squabble, they fail to notice Jacob has taken the keys from the till. Edna wants her money back when she realises how it is going to be spent.


Lauren puts herself in a dangerous situation, despite Peter’s protestations. As the two become closer, Dot is surprised by an unexpected proposal from Charlie. Trying to protect his family’s interests, Les hatches a plan.


Marlon’s involvement makes it difficult for Donna to shift the stolen jewellery. Jacob’s actions bring Leyla and Alicia’s arguments to a head. Debbie’s fears about Pete’s past are confirmed.


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