20140505 - Watching adult videos can save the environmentPopular (erm, so we have been told) adult website Pornhub has embarked on an ingenious campaign to save the planet, by promising to plant a tree in exchange for watching videos in a particular category on their website.

The “Pornhub Gives America Wood” campaign began as part of the Day of the Tree, or Arbor Day, in April, with the company pledging to plant one tree for every 100 videos wanted in the… Let us say… “Large male member” section.

Although no official partner had been announced, a spokesperson said that they had three possible groups under consideration who may benefit from their injection of wood.

The latest data from the campaign revealed that a considerable number of viewers clearly care for the environment, with a total of 1.35 million videos viewed by the eco-warriors, resulting in a total of 13,400 trees soon to be spurting up from mother earth and helping to reverse the decline of the planet.

This is not the first time the company has been so generous, with a campaign to raise cash for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, although the charity chosen declined the offer. It is hoped that this donation will be received with greater enthusiasm, as, according to Pornhub, “while you’re watching some nice pieces of ash, you’ll also be helping to spruce America up!”


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