Friday 2 May

Neighbours on Channel 5

Josh’s concerns for his grandad grow after Doug delivers a load of sand to the wrong place. Lauren reveals to Brad that she has invited Lisa to move in and refuses to listen to his objections. Bailey uses an Easter egg hunt to try to impress Josie. Brennan comes up with a new plan to smoke out Montague.

Home and Away on Channel 5

Sasha comes to understand the reality of Matt’s situation, but when she gives him a friendly hug to say goodbye, Spencer witnesses it and draws the wrong conclusions. Kyle blows his top when he is left to run the restaurant and the gym single-handedly. Marilyn’s influence at home drives John mad. Alf persuades Roo to visit Colleen in Las Vegas.

Hollyoaks on Channel 4

Has Patrick pushed Maxine too far this time? As Sonny comforts a devastated Sinead, will Carmel get the wrong end of the stick? Phoebe tries to win back Robbie’s friendship.

Emmerdale on itv

Val takes her relationship with Tiny to the next level. Panicked Alicia thinks she is in trouble. Kerry is delighted as Dan presents her with a box.

02 May Coronation_StreetCoronation Street on itv

Is Nick about to discover the truth? Maddie goes to extreme measures. Maria is rocked by Marcus’s return.

EastEnders on bbc 1

Sonia and Bianca try to put their differences behind them for Carol’s sake, but how long will it last? David delivers a shocking ultimatum to one of Walford’s residents. After Tina gets advice from an unlikely individual, she is stopped in her tracks by some news from Tosh.

Coronation Street on itv

Insecure Sinead gets some Dutch courage. Maddie’s actions have serious consequences. Leanne makes a huge sacrifice.

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