Wednesday 30 April

Neighbours on Channel 5

Zeke’s secretive behaviour is explained when his fiancee Victoria arrives from England. Their wedding gives Susan an idea for her own future. Lauren tries to keep herself occupied, but finds herself at a loose end. To fill the void, she makes contact with Lisa, the girl she thought could be her daughter. Danni is petrified when Brennan says that he wants to use her as bait to bring Montague out into the open.

Home and Away on Channel 5

Brax matches the baby in the picture among Johnny Barrett’s possessions to a photo found in his own family album. He questions Cheryl, who admits that Barrett was Casey’s father but swears Brax to secrecy. Fate keeps Chris and Denny’s date plans unfulfilled. Heath reaches out to Irene when he learns of Bianca’s departure.

Hollyoaks on Channel 4

As the truth about Patrick’s behaviour is revealed, who will he look to blame? Holly is thrilled to finally meet a long-lost family member, but will the feeling be mutual? Cindy is devastated as she prepares baby Hilton to fight for his life, while Blessing is worried about the new arrival in the village.

Emmerdale on itv

Laurel disturbs a private moment between Marlon and Donna. Cain tries to make Charity see sense. Bernice makes a pass at Andy.

Coronation Street on itv 30 April Coronation_Street

Fiz does not know what to believe. Can Leanne continue to resist Kal? Maddie gets devastating news.

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