Tuesday 29 April

Neighbours on Channel 5

Naomi tries to square things with the Rebecchis. Kate’s will reveals that she left everything to Sophie. Karl and Susan try to no avail to get Zeke to open up. Paul plans to get rid of Brennan by buying the garage and making him redundant.

Home and Away on Channel 5

After catching her in bed with Zac, Ricky questions Bianca about her intentions. Bianca says that she wants to make a clean break from Heath and Summer Bay. Josh and Andy return from the city with their father’s ashes and belongings, but they have conflicting ideas about what to do with them. Among Johnny’s effects is a photograph of a baby whom his sons do not recognise. Brax, however, thinks he does and swipes the photo.

Hollyoaks on Channel 4

Patrick’s efforts to impress end in humiliation, while Maxine attends her 12-week scan alone. The magnitude of Jason’s situation hits Holly; will the couple decide to leave the village? Finn takes his bullying to the next level, while Blessing is hiding something.

Emmerdale on itv

Charity and Cain lock horns over their wedding day. Belle and Sean’s secret is out. Marlon cancels his date with Laurel to focus on April.

EastEnders on bbc 1

Denise makes an important life choice and is thankful for a helping hand. Tina offers Sonia her support, but Sonia’s reaction surprises her. Shabnam is overcome with guilt over the information she is hiding.

29 April HolbyHolby City on bbc 1

Wild Child.

Raf and Amy’s relationship is cracking under the strain, which leads to a heart-wrenching betrayal. Meanwhile, Jac struggles as her dark history threatens to repeat itself, and Zosia’s worst date ever arrives on the ward with a mortifying problem.

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