Monday 28 April

Neighbours on Channel 5

As the search for Kate’s killer continues, Brennan reaches breaking point. When Paul takes official steps to stop Brennan being given any information about the case, the two come to blows. Naomi works wonders with Toadie in order to close the deal with the Chileans, leaving Sonya out of the loop and arousing Sheila’s suspicions about her daughter’s intentions. Lying in his hospital bed, Chris decides that he cannot wait for ever for Hudson.

Home and Away on Channel 5

Zac tries to pretend that he is fine with Hannah and Andy’s relationship, but it proves difficult. Nate tells Ricky about Jess’s illness. One thing leads to another for Zac and Bianca. Even though Chris and Denny’s dating plans are constantly scuppered, their feelings grow.

Hollyoaks on Channel 4

Maxine witnesses a horrific incident, but will Patrick believe her? Jason risks all to get Holly her promised money. Is Phoebe one step closer to discovering the horrors that John Paul suffered? George takes matters into his own hands, and Holly attempts to rekindle her relationship with her mum.

Emmerdale on itv

Sean is forced to reconsider Belle’s plan to have a baby. Charity’s wedding day is jeopardised by Megan’s demands. Laurel starts to feel pushed out by Donna.

Coronation Street on itv

Nick hopes for a future with Leanne. Fiz becomes jealous of Tyrone and Maria. Has Sophie had enough of Maddie?

EastEnders on bbc 128 April EastEnders

After recent events Jane is torn about how to behave and makes a drastic decision. Peter is left devastated by some harsh comments. Lola tries her best to console him, but is she who he wants? It is judgement day for Kat as she finds out whether or not she will go to prison.

Coronation Street on itv

Kal takes his frustration out on Nick. Kevin gives Maddie another chance. Are Tyrone and Maria growing closer?

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