Soap Fri CorrieHome and Away on Channel 5

The truth proves to be difficult to swallow for Phoebe. Chris tries to save Irene’s night from being a washout. Roo gives Phoebe a shoulder to cry on and opens up about her own fears. Having made up her mind to move back to Melbourne, Phoebe then asks Kyle to go with her.

Neighbours on Channel 5

Chris manages to bring his mum and dad closer together. Despite trying to make lunch with Kyle as unromantic as possible, Georgia cannot deny that there is something between them. Josh is informed by Susan that he will have to be assessed to see if he can return to school in the same year that he left. But it seems he is in for another setback.

Hollyoaks on Channel 4

Will Grace follow through with her evil plan? Tegan is devastated by the extent of her own statement, but how will Leela react? And Ste is gutted to receive the full brunt of Fraser’s lies.

Emmerdale on itv

Dom is suspicious when he receives an anonymous gift. The Bartons are furious as Adam’s recklessness is revealed. Rhona fears that Donna still carries a torch for Marlon.

Coronation Street on itv

Will Anna make an immense sacrifice? Steve is caught in an awkward situation. Tyrone gets a worrying call.

Are the Windass family’s troubles over? Tina takes Emily’s advice to heart. Maddie and Sophie have a rough night.

EastEnders on bbc 1

A horrified Ronnie is traumatised by her actions as terrible memories come flooding back. Mick is overcome with emotion after he finally gets the answers he has been looking for.

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