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Jason Donovan to provide voice in new CBeebies animation, Boj

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BojCBeebies have announced that Jason Donovan will voice the character of ‘Pops’ in a new charming, animated comedy series called Boj.

The series, commissioned by Controller of CBeebies Kay Benbow, follows the life of the main character Boj, who is a Bilby – a rare marsupial from the Australian Outback. Boj has burrowed to Giggly Park with his musical parents Mimi and Pops where they now live in their simple, ramshackle underground burrow at the heart of their new neighbourhood. This cosmopolitan community has never seen anything quite like the Boj family with their joyful back-to-basics lifestyle.

Boj is full of creativity and messy fun and since popping up as the new kid in Giggly Park he’s made lots of new buddies. Everyone loves Boj’s upside-downy, topsy-turvy ways. With his improvised ‘Boj-a-boom’ ideas Boj can solve everybody’s problems, and when Boj gets boj-ing he builds friendships and bonds the whole community together like never before.

The character of Boj is voiced by a nine year-old Australian actor Ziggy Badans while other voice talent on the series includes: Josie Taylor (Mimi, Boj’s mum), Dave Benson Phillips (Dr Woof), Dominica Warburton (voice of Mrs Bleat and Mrs Twitch) and Dan Chambers (voice of Mr Cloppity and Mr Bleat).

Jason Donovan said: “It’s a pleasure to be involved in such a well-crafted project. I’m interested in great characters, great stories, great songs and Boj has all those things and more. As a good Aussie dad Pops is very close to my heart and I’m looking forward to that special time before my daughter Molly starts school when we’ll enjoy watching Boj together.”

Kay Benbow said: “I think Boj will charm both children and adults and I’m thrilled to welcome Jason Donovan to the channel. The series is beautifully animated with quirky characters and plenty of humour. I’m sure the series will become a favourite with our audience.”

Boj is a celebration of childhood. Boj shows us all how to loosen up, be free-thinking, creative, pro-active and resourceful – and ultimately how to put aside our differences and all get along!

Boj (52×11’) is produced by BAFTA-winning Pesky Productions for CBeebies. The creator and director is Claire Underwood with co-creators Dave Ingham (head writer) and David Hodgson (producer). Sarah Legg is the Programme Executive for CBeebies. The series is expected to air on CBeebies in late spring.

Also on CBeebies, many of the channel’s most popular series of 2013 will be returning in 2014 with new episodes to engage, excite and entertain the young CBeebies audience. New series set to go into production this year include a second series of Swashbuckle; Sid Sloane and Rebecca Keatley will return in another series of Let’s Play; while Justin Fletcher is also back in series four of Gigglebiz.

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