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20140318 - EXTREME LENGTHS SOME PEOPLE GO TO PASS A DRIVING THEORY TESTOfficers from the Guardia Civil in Navarra, Spain, have arrested three men, all aged between 24 and 48 and of Chinese nationality, accused of trying to fraudulently pass the driving theory test.

The officers discovered that whilst one of the men was sitting the examination in the provincial traffic centre, the images on the screen were being fed to another person outside by a hidden video camera link. The recipient would then research the questions and provide the answers to the person sitting the test through an audio link to an earpiece.

The officers were alerted when they became suspicious of a person sitting the test. Upon proceeding to identify the person, they performed a search and found a number of miscellaneous electronics and wiring stuck to his abdomen. The examining officer also spotted a mini headset stayed in the right ear and a micro camera that was disguised as a button.

Officers then located another man who was in a vehicle located outside the building of the Provincial Traffic Department. The officers asked him to open the boot of the car where they found a third person who had a computer and other broadcast media.

The detainees were made available to the competent judicial authority, accused of the crime of fraud against the government.

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