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CBBC goes back to school

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cbbc announces a brand-new fly-on-the-wall documentary series which will follow the ups and downs of a group of young people as they make the important transition between primary and secondary school.

Our School (15×28-minute episodes) will follow the pupils as they leave Year 6 and begin the most important year of their lives so far – their first year of secondary school.

The children will be leaving their primary schools – and some of their friends – behind to navigate the big new world of Year 7. Everything from the first walk to school, the new form class and their first steps out into the playground will be captured, showing those crucial early weeks.

For the new intake of 11-year-olds, secondary school is a vast new world that they need to navigate, and the series will follow the pupils as they make friends they will treasure forever and learn lessons inside and outside the classroom that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Kez Margrie, CBBC’s executive producer, says: “The move from primary to secondary school is something that we know our audience thinks and worries about. We all remember how it feels to be thrown into this big new world and we wanted to reflect that back at our audience, to show that they are not alone in how they feel and to let them know that it’s not as scary as they think. We’re looking forward to seeing the real-life stories the series uncovers.”

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