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Gogglebox returns to Channel 4 – Friday 7th March at 9pm

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GOGGLEBOX620_1850622aThe latest instalment of Channel 4’s award winning series, Gogglebox, returns to Channel 4 with 12 part series and in a new prime time slot of Friday 9pm.

Now in its third series Gogglebox is back with the same adored and highly-opinionated British households, as well as a few new additions. The loveable Leon and June, Steph and Dom the posh couple who like a tipple, hairdressers Christopher and Stephen, and Brixton’s own Sandy and Sandra will all once again share their opinions with the nation as to what’s good and bad about the week’s television.

Each episode is filmed over seven days, covering that week’s TV and news highlights. From each household, Gogglebox will capture their instant reactions, love/hate relationships and fierce discussions on the best and worst television shows of the past week – all from the comfort of their own homes.

From Saturday night entertainment juggernauts to the week’s big soap storylines, from hard hitting documentary series to gritty drama, the Gogglebox households offer sharp, insightful, passionate and sometimes emotional critiques of the week’s popular and topical TV shows, sparking debates and giving the audience the chance to share those ‘we said that!’ moments. Their reviews could also be interrupted by breaking news stories and controversial TV events – subjects the outspoken households won’t be shying away from.

Head of Specialist Factual David Glover says, “We make each episode from scratch every week, never knowing what we are going to get. I love the fact that it’s so funny, and I love that the show feels warm but maybe most of all I love the fact it feels like a little bit of truth. Our viewers can say whatever they want, cutting through PR, cutting through the bullshit. They are even allowed to slag of my other shows – which they invariably do.”

The programmes the viewers discuss in the first episode include: The Oscars, The Voice, The Taste and Saturday Night Takeaway

“It sounds a rubbish idea: you watch people watching telly. But the result is a work of quiet genius and often hysterically funny.” Harry Wallop, Daily Telegraph

Exec Prod: Tania Alexander; Series Editor: Paul Broadbent; Prod Co: Studio Lambert

Gogglebox is a 12 x 60minute series and launches on Friday 7th March at 9pm on Channel 4

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Sandy Channer (48) and Sandra Martin (52)

Sandra AKA Queen B has lived in Brixton, South London for the last 46 years. She has four children and two grandchildren and looks after her youngest grandchild Shiloh five days a week. She and best friend Sandy, a native Brixtonite, have been friends for over 40 years. They are both unemployed and spend their evenings together watching anything from the soaps to sitcoms.

As a teenager Sandra had a crush on Tom Jones ‘because 10 at night he on the tele, I used to like the way he wind his love spot, oh and remember Mr motivator, I used to WATCH THAT!’

Quotes from Series II


SANDRA: Sandra picks up some cookies whilst watching Homeland “Maryland … Homeland”

Stephen Fry: Out There

SANDY: “Some men like it in the bottom cos it’s tighter. Some woman’s poom poom like a tunnel”



Leon (79) and June (76)

Leon and June have been married for 54 years and both are retired teachers. Leon taught History and June was an English teacher. As well as enjoying watching telly, Leon is a keen Bridge player, while June enjoys swimming. They have 2 daughters – ‘our Helen’ and ‘our Julie’ and 3 grandchildren.

Quotes from Series II

X Factor

LEON: Leon calls Nicole Scherzinger “It’s Nickel skirt singer”

Star Wars Episode 3

LEON: Leon during Star Wars ”June … come to the dark side and show us your knicks.”



Steph (47) and Dom (49)

Steph and Dom own and run a high-end bed & breakfast business from their Grade 1 listed house in Kent, which has hosted royalty and celebrities alike. Steph previously worked for NATO and the European Commission and Dom used to run the family steel business. Most evenings, they crack open the drinks cabinet and settle down to watch their favourite TV shows with Gigi their beloved sausage dog. They met on a blind date and have been married for sixteen years.

Quotes from Series II

A Party Political Broadcast by the Liberal Democrats

STEPH: on Nick Clegg “Looks like he’s got bad breath, no top lip” and “£600 a year? That’s 2 pairs of shoes.”

Downton Abbey

DOM: Dom on Lady Mary’s long dinner gloves “Carson, I’ve got incredibly short arms / We’ll get you some new arms in the morning.”



Jonathan (46) Nikki (41) Josh (16) and Amy (14)

Nikki and husband Jonathan have lived in North London for 17 years. Jonathan previously owned a kosher restaurant but for the last four-and-half years has worked as an executive chauffeur. Nikki works as a nursery teacher. This Jewish couple have two children – Amy and Josh, and describe their family life as ‘never dull and certainly never quiet.’

Quotes from Series II

Poirot’s Last Case

AMY TAPPER“Don’t like boring old DowntonAbbey programmes. They’ll all old.”

A Great British Christmas With Sarah Beeny

JOSH TAPPER: on Sarah Beeny’s stately home “97 bedrooms but I bet it’s in a crap area.”



Stephen Webb (42) and Chris Steed (37)

Chris and Stephen are both hairdressers and first met nine years ago. Stephen spends a lot of his time at Chris’ bungalow in Brighton, where they love nothing more than a takeaway and a relaxing night in front of the telly. Chris shares his home and often the sofa with his beloved cat ‘Ginge’.

Quotes from Series II


STEPHEN: to Chris on Damien Lewis “We all like a bad boy but not a fucking terrorist!”

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

STEPHEN: “If you’ve got an old dilapidated ice cream van lying about he’ll turn it into a 4 bed house”

7 Days of The Fuhrer

STEPHEN: “Hitler was born with teeth….born with teeth”



Andrew, dad (55) Carolyne, mum (52) Katie (24) Alex (23 not in picture) and Louis (17)

Retired hotelier Andrew and his wife Carolyne have been married for 28 years. They live together with son Louis. The family also have two daughters; Alex, who is studying for a Masters in Computer science and Katie who has returned from six months travelling in Australia. They also have a son Pascal, studying Neuroscience at Aberdeen. When the whole family are home, there is usually a lively debate about what’s on telly.

Quotes from Series II

Poirot’s Last Case

CAROLYN: “David Suchet’s not dead. He was on This Morning!”

I’m A Celebrity – Joey Essex

KATIE: “Joey is gorgeous!”

ANDY: “He’s not gorgeous he’s a retard.”

KATIE: “But he’s really good looking”

ANDY: “He’s got the IQ of a rabbit!”



Sid (69) Umar (36) Baasit (31)

Father of the family, Sid (real name Mohammed) is an engineer by trade, but now works in the Healthcare industry. He was born in Pakistan and moved to Derby when he was 16. He married 37 years ago in an arranged marriage and he and his wife have two daughters and three sons. He always watches television with his boys and his favourite television show is Coronation Street. Umar the eldest is the only single one left of his sons and works as a Microbiologist in a hospital and Baasit has been married for nearly a year.

Quotes from Series II

Downton Abbey

BAASIT: “When do you think they invented curtains?”

UMAR: “er,……definitely after they invented the window”

BAASIT: “50% of our DNA is the same as bananas”

X Factor

BAASIT“You know it’s a shit performance when the only thing Dermot pays compliment to is the stage set.”



Linda (64), Pete (63) and Son George (30)

Linda and Pete have been married for seventeen years. George and Stepdad Pete are very close – George calls him Dad. Linda, a carer, and Pete, an electrician both grew up in the East End of London but now live in the seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea. George has recently moved back in with his parents since separating from his long term partner.

George is commonly referred to as ‘Squeaky George’ by his friends due to his high pitched voice.

Quotes from Series II

The Andrew Marr Show – Cameron interview

LINDA: on hearing the news of the Westgate Shopping centre terror attack “I’m really worried about Lakeside.”

Star Wars – Episode 3

LINDA : On seeing the wookies “Imagine spending all your life wanting to be an actor then coming back as one of those Schumacher things.”



William Hartston (66) and Josef Kollar (68)

Bill and Josef met seventeen years ago at a Monopoly Charity Walk and they’ve been friends ever since. Bill, a journalist, is a former British Chess Champion who has represented the country many times, competing in an array of international tournaments and winning several times. Josef, an accountant, is also a keen ‘gamer’ who discovered board and card games at fourteen. He is currently the World Cluedo Champion and Scottish Monopoly Champion.

Quotes from Series II

My Tattoo Addiction

BILL: “What are the only 2 words in the English dictionary with 3 consecutive double letters? Bookkeeping and tattooee.”

BILL: “Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button.”

Mum Verona (52) her son Nate (30) Grandma Ann (82)

Head of the Carr household is Grandma Ann, who came to Birmingham from Jamaica in the sixties. Since her husband passed away, she has lived alone, but her daughter, Verona, spends all her spare time with her mother, cooking for her and taking her to church. Regular visitors to the house also include Nate, the first of her 49 grandchildren. Grandma Ann is extremely close to her first grandson Nate. When not doting on Grandma Ann, Verona works as a health care assistant and Nate works as a gospel choir manager. Grandma Ann also has 49 grandchildren, 44 great grandchildren, 6 great-great grandchildren and 3 great-great-great grandchildren.


Joe Tewlon (19) and Josh Townsend (20)

Joe and Josh are both studying forensic science at Kingston University. They’ve been best friends ever since Joe spotted Josh reading a comic outside of class. In their free time they read comics, discuss superpowers and visit comic book stores. They are also huge collectors of superhero memorabilia. Josh’s current passion involves acquiring Star Wars’ Clone Trooper suits which he wears to comic book conventions. Joe and Josh live with their families in London and Surrey respectively. Joe lives with his mum, dad and sister but spends his time with Josh reading comics and watching television upstairs in his bedroom.

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