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NEW Benidorm TV Show App Available

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screen568x568Have a giggle with the staff and guests at Solana Hotel with the official Benidorm app.

Swinging By Quiz
Donald and Jacqueline are on the prowl for their evening’s entertainment and they’re heading across the pool towards you.

Prove your knowledge of Benidorm by answering questions correctly and floating across the pool closer to the safety of the pool bar. Get one wrong and the couple will start to catch you up. 3 wrong answers and you’ll be spending the night with the swingers!

Sounds of Solana
The staff and guests at Solana hotel would like to perform a few of their one-liners for you. Shake your phone to play a random clip or click the words to play your favourites.

Tan Timer
Mateo is an expert in tanning and he’s at the poolside ready to give the ladies some tanning advice. Start the tan timer to listen to his words of wisdom.

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