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20140120 - A TALE OF BEING LOST AND THEN FOUNDOccasionally, when browsing through the internet, you stumble across a website that just stops you in your tracks. Whether it be a heart warming tale of love or loss, or a picture that evokes emotion or memory, sometimes it is nothing more than a few words, and, occasionally, it is such an unusual idea, it has to be applauded.

Today, I have one such site. Actually, to call it a “site” is not strictly true, as it´s a Facebook page rather than a standalone website, but there´s no need to split hairs, it is the concept that´s brilliant. An idea that can bring happiness and joy to many, a unique experience that will touch young and old alike, it is a page that brings together lost soft toys with their missing owners.

Bizarrely for me, it was launched in 2012, bizarre in that I have only just found it, but Teddy Bear Lost and Found is the name of the page to search for, where the opening introduction offers advice on what to do if you have lost your cuddly friend, and what to do if you´ve found one.

“Please view our Lost and Found databases (photos & info) sorted by region/country on our Pinterest wall http://pinterest.com/lostteddybear”, and true enough, as soon as you go there, you find that lost teddies bears are a global epidemic.

They also have a Twitter feed, @lostteddybear https://twitter.com/lostteddybear, and a helpful guide detailing everything you might need to know, “Here are some Tips that might help with your search: https://www.facebook.com/notes/teddy-bear-lost-and-found/search-tips/271762699609108”.

So my advice to you today is simply this, go and have a look at their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/TeddyBearLostAndFound, make sure you click LIKE because you never know when you might happen across a lost and lonely bear, pining for its companion, or, even worse, you never know when you might need the services of Teddy Bear Lost and Found.

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