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App of the week – WakeApp Weather

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Almost borderline as our “odd app of the month”, WakeApp Weather might seem like a strange concept, but the idea is both unique and useful.

Supposing you´re a runner and set your alarm for an early jog, but when you wake you find it´s been raining all night and don´t feel like bothering, well, worry not, because you can set WakeApp Weather to give you an extra hour in your pit.

Need to set off early because of snow or ice, well then WakeApp Weather will sound a little bit earlier, giving you precious more time to go about your business.

You see there are may times in all our lives when, because of the weather, we think, “Damn, I wish I´d got up earlier”, or perhaps even more times when we think, “Darn, I could have stayed in bed”, well now we can, because WakeApp Weather will do what we tell it and when, depending on the weather.

This is the official blurb…

WakeApp Weather permits you to setup your alarm clock to the weather conditions you desire. Ideal for sport enthusiasts, executives and students, this app works perfectly to warn you only when your chosen weather condition is true. Thus, making it possible for you to better enjoy your time and sleep.

Using the best weather databases available in the market, WakeApp Weather is your best alarm clock option. By using it, waking up early in the weekends to go to the beach only if it is sunny becomes possible. Or even waking up a couple of minutes earlier to go to work on a rainy day so as to avoid being late. These, are only a few options compared to the many possibilities this app offers. After all, there is nothing worse than waking up for something and finding out that, because of the weather, it won´t be possible. Not to mention, how hard it can be to get back to sleep after such occasions.

To start off you´ll choose one of the more than 20 activities offered. Designed perfectly for all tastes, this app offers activities ranging from sports to everyday chores. Next, you´ll choose the weather condition you judge fits best for that activity. This step is important because it is what will determine if the alarm clock goes off or not, as well as what will finally put an end to waking up for no reason in some occasions. But don´t worry, if more than one weather condition is suitable for the activity you can choose up to three weather conditions or the option “all”. And finally, you´ll set up the days and hour you want the alarm clock to warn you.

We consider your current location as the default for the activity chosen. Nevertheless, the app also offers you the possibility of choosing the city, making it a great choice for those who wish to travel only under certain weather conditions. Also, since it is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, you can share with all your friends the activities you have planned.

Download today WakeApp Weather and enjoy all the possibilities!!

WakeApp Weather

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