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Meet the future of “old people shopping trolleys” Budgee™

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Budgee™is a cute, friendly robot that can carry up to 50 lbs. He will follow you where you go and happily carry your stuff.

Five Elements Robotics™ has developed Budgee™ to help with common everyday tasks. Budgee™ likes to carry items for you to help relieve your burden. And Budgee™ likes to follow you wherever you may go.

All About Budgee™:

Going to the mall or doing some shopping? Take Budgee™ along to carry your packages and bags. He loves to go with you to keep you company and lighten your load. Carrying packages can get tiresome, but Budgee™ never gets tired.

Going to the theme park or amusement park? Take Budgee™ along to carry your belongings. He will carry your coats, your water bottles, your hats, your purchases, your nick knacks and any other items that may wear you out and cut short your visit. Budgee™ is there to help you have fun!

Tired of lugging those work items home and back again. Bring Budgee™ with you. He is your personal assistant and will help to carry your items to and from your job or from your car to your home. Stop being a pack mule, and get Budgee™!

Budgee™ is also ideal for elderly and disabled people who have items to carry and need an assistant to help them.

Budgee™ is equipped with a rechargeable battery.  The  battery life expectancy is 6-8 hours for standard usage.

We are currently designing a security mechanism so that the bag holding your items has a lock on it so that people cannot reach in and take your items.

There currently is a security feature in which Budgee™ lets you know if he gets out of range of the sensor.  He communicates this to you through the application on your smart phone or tablet.  This also prevents people from making off with your Budgee™!

Read more and help them out if you think it´s worthy, via Budgee™: The friendly robot that carries your stuff. by Five Elements Robotics — Kickstarter.

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