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False reporting does not pay

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policetapeMAKING a false report to the police will only add to your debts.

That”s the message from West Midlands Police after a 40-year-old Whitmore Reans man started 2014 by falsely reporting a burglary at his New Hampton Road East home on New Year”s Day.

The man told police that a number of electrical items had been stolen from his home during a burglary after Christmas, but alarm bells started ringing for Detective Constable Chris Carter and Stolen Goods Officer PC Ryan Hoban after inconsistencies were found in his report.

The pair quickly conducted enquiries with local second hand electrical stores and after a few simple checks it became clear the man had sold the alleged stolen property in November 2013 to clear large debts with a rent-to-own retailer.

The man was issued with a fixed penalty notice fine for £90 to add to his already considerable debts.

DC Chris Carter, from Wolverhampton CID Burglary Team said: “We take positive action against anybody found to have made a false report to police. Whilst we are dealing with such false reports our resources are deflected away from true victims of crime.”

PC Ryan Hoban said: “We work very closely with our second hand electrical stores in Wolverhampton and have a code of practice agreed with them which means that both the buyer and the retailer have peace of mind that the items are being bought and sold legitimately.”

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