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App of the week – Elevation Earth

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Elevation EarthExplore your planet like you never imagined! A quick and fun way to learn about our Earth’s terrain from the depths of the oceans to the highest elevations.

Manipulate a 3D exaggerated terrain model of the Earth and control the water level and coloring of land and sea.

Create stunning images from any angle and zoom.
Tour over 300 different elevation relevant locations, from highest and lowest points to islands, cities and shipwrecks.

Use the exaggeration option to increase difference between the high and low points on the Earth. This exaggeration helps to emphasize the true beauty and extremes of the terrain on a planetary scale.

Learn how the oceans are deeper than the highest mountains are tall.

Use the info window to display the amount of water area and volume on the Earth and watch it change dynamically as you alter the sea level.

Adjust the sea level and amount of water on the Earth, watching it flood or drain areas of the terrain based on its elevation.

Choose from a variety of color schemes to provide impressive renderings of any part of the surface of the Earth.

Watch the dynamic terrain coloring scheme change with the rise and fall of the ocean water level.

Share your high resolution imagery with other apps including social media.

Take a tour of over 300 locations carefully chosen to provide relevant meaning from an elevation perspective.

Discover the highest mountains from the center of the earth as well as those above sea level.

See cities for each continent from the highest to the lowest above sea level

Show how the Earth would look with just the water from the individual oceans. Select individual oceans and distribute their water across the globe and see the theoretical new sea level.

View a number of different global warming scenarios past, present and future, or simply create your own.

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