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Time to shop NAKED

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20131231 - SHOPPING SURVEY REVEALS MORE THAN EXPECTEDAs the year comes to an end, it is inevitable that we take stock of the past 12 months. Personal goals we hit or missed; highlights and lowlights; our family, jobs, our friends and even our habits are all things we reflect on.

The same goes for the world of politics and industry, have we seen more or less employment? Is poverty worse or better? Have our lives improved and is it yet acceptable to go shopping naked?

Okay, so perhaps the last question is not one we consider as a majority, in fact, it´s quite possibly it´s not been considered until you read it here, but the fact is, more and more of us are shopping naked, albeit in the comfort of our own homes… Hopefully.

According to a year end survey by PayPal, some 4,524 people revealed more than was expected, with 11% of respondents saying that they are normally naked whilst shopping online.

If you are not one of the naked shoppers of the world, perhaps pyjamas are more your thing. In fact, aside from the naked surfers, some 33% say that they normally wear pj´s for their online shopping trips.

Moreover, the survey shows that as well as being what might normally be considered as “underdressed” for our retail experiences, some 15% also like a little tipple at the same time, whereas 86% are not even sat at a computer as such, using a mobile device for their purchases.

Back in the real world, the survey also asked about bad behaviour in the bricks and mortar stores, with somebody cutting up another in traffic topping the charts of annoyances, followed by pushy strangers in the queue, drivers parking in disabled or other allocated spaces and shoppers “yelling” at staff coming in next.

And now, the science bit… The survey, commissioned by PayPal, was conducted from November 1-11, 2013, among 500 or more online respondents in each of nine countries, which were Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States, all being aged between 16 and 64.

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