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Although the car sales industry may have suffered through the financial crisis, one factor that may not have been noticed until now i show other modes of transport are starting to grow.

As the world gets busier and transport links start to slow down by the volume of vehicles they carry, combined with the more eco-friendly and perhaps frugal attitudes of the modern commuter, there is a trend that is sweeping Europe, with the exception of Belgium and Luxembourg, where bicycles are outselling cars.

Much as a lot of other sectors, the car industry is showing signs of recovery, but the figures for bikes show even more promising results, according to the latest data releases which combines Europe wide information from across both sectors.

Germany led the way in car sales in 2012, with a total of 3,083,000 cars sold, but that was overshadowed by the number of pushbikes, with a total of 3,966,000 finding new owners.

A not dissimilar picture occurred in the UK, number 2 in the European sales chart, where 2,045,000 cars were sold, compared to 3,600,000 bikes. spain is lagging behind in both cars and bikes, reaching number 5 in the charts, behind Italy and France, but Spanish road users still bought 700,000 cars and 780,000 bikes, still maintaining the trend.


However, in other countries, the difference is even more staggering. Take Lithuania for example, where just 12,000 cars were sold in 2012, whereas their bike sales showed a massive difference of 115,000 units. Greek car buyers purchased 58,000 cars, but a staggering 320,000 bikes, similar to Romania, where 72,000 cars were sold, compared to 380,000 bikes.

But quite why this is the case could be attributed to any number of individual conditions and factors, from frugality to health, economy to eco-friendly, either way, the fact that more people are taking to two wheels can only be of benefit to the environment, although it does also beg the obvious question, as has been discussed in depth her in spain of late, the interaction between cars and bikes and the safety of all road users.


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