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As Christmas is once again approaching, the inevitable return to society of some of the elements we may otherwise choose to forget is inevitable, but this year there may be one or two surprises.

The annual event of eagerly awaiting the latest cinematic advent of the latest seasonal television advert for John Lewis may not have the same impact of previous years, with Lily Allen being tipped as providing the theme tune, a singer not previously associated with the spreading of good will and charm.

Gloria Estefan is set to return to our audible experiences as hew new album of favourites will be launched. Called “The Standard”, the album features a collection of hits that Gloria herself describes as “very personal” and “nostalgic”, featuring such classics as “The way you look tonight”, “What a wonderful world” and “They can’t’ take away from me”, all expected to feature.

Finally, having not been in the limelight since her stint advertising a now lesser known brand of beer, Marilyn Monroe is set to hit our screens once more, this time telling us how she only sleeps with Chanel No. 5. Although the voice is genuine, said to have been found in an unreleased interview in 1952, in which she teased the interviewer with the image of her sleeping naked, wearing nothing but the fragrance of Chanel.

AS three iconic ladies have already been featured, it only seems natural to conclude with another holiday icon, although it may also be “one for the boys”, with the tour dates of the Coca Cola truck being released, which this year in the uk features a “Sing along with our choir!” promotion, where the company says you can join them at various city centre and shopping centre truck stops, where talented singers of Souls of Prophecy, a gospel choir led by inspiring Future Flame and Pride of Britain Award winner Jay Kamiraz, will be as big a highlight as seeing the truck itself, meaning for sure that “Holidays are coming”.

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