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The Asociación Española de Guardias Civiles has issued a statement today describing with “deep regret” their feelings that the European Court of Human Rights has overruled spain and the “doctrina Parot”.

The “Parot doctrine”, named after convicted ETA member Unai Parot, who was the first to see his prison penalty extended, was introduced in 2006, in order to ensure ETA terrorist prisoners stay incarcerated, rather than being allowed free based on a prisoner´s entitlement to reduce their sentence by working whilst in prison. Under Spanish Law, there is a 30 year limit on prison sentences, and therefore those found to be responsible for terrorist atrocities could be released within a relatively short space of time, if it weren´t for the “doctorina”.

“Today is a sad day for all the Spanish, and especially for all the victims of terrorism. Guardia Civil officers have experienced this evil first hand and today we feel anger and helpless”, the statement continued.

Once such case is that of Inés del Río Prado, sentenced in 1989 to 3,828 years in prison having found to be responsible for the deaths of 24 people, including 24 Guardia Civil officers, in Madrid. Under the ruling, the Strasborg court has ordered her immediate release, as well as ruling her entitlement to 30,000 euro compensation for the length of time she has now served, some 24 years, or one year for each victim.

The Spanish Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, has said that the government will not have to pay the compensation however, as she still owes compensation to her victims.

The statement from the association of officers continues, “We shudder to think that dozens of terrorists, murderers and rapists can benefit by the failure of Strasbourg”, warning that “legal justice does not meet the expectations of citizens, and increases the pain of the victims, that be called judgment, sentence or whatever, but this is not justice”.

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