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Made in Chelsea series 6: Meet the new cast

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micnewcast_A2Made in Chelsea series 6:

Meet the new cast:

(Left to Right) Freddie, Belle, Tiff and Miffy

Among the familiar faces of Andy, Binky, Cheska, Fran, Francis, Jamie, Louise, Lucy, Phoebe, Proudlock, Rosie, Spencer and Stevie there’s a new gang joining the SW3 set this season:



Belle is currently in her second year at Newcastle University studying Politics. When in London the fun loving party girl resides at the family home in Pimlico. Currently single, Belle’s best boys are ‘Miffy’ and Freddie who she has known since she was 15. Along with best friend Tiffany the foursome are inseparable but the guard occasionally slips on a night out and Belle and Freddie often kiss – Tiff says they are destined to be together! The girls love to hang out with the Chelsea elite at Embargoes and practically spent all of last summer there.



Like her best friend Belle, whom she met at school, Tiffany is also in her second year studying Politics but at Bristol University. Tiff has been known to often flirt with Miffy, and kissed on a night out. Freddie and Belle think there is more to this, and are rooting for it to happen!



Freddie has just finished his final year at Newcastle University. Only child Freddie is Swedish and moved over to England at 14 to go to Cranleigh School. His mother used to be a successful Burberry and Louis Vuitton model and his Dad is in the hotel business. Freddie is on the look out for a girlfriend and has known Lucy from school and has fancied her for the last five years. But will his friendships with best girls Belle and Tiff, whom he even invites on ‘lads’ only nights, get in the way.



Has also just finished University at Newcastle and has known Freddie since they were young but only became great mates at University. His family own property in London and Malta, where they are from, but Miffy has lived all his life in London. Miffy knows Andy and Stevie, through Andy’s brother and they hang out in London and Newcastle. He has known Belle since they were 15 and won’t say too much on his feelings for Tiff – despite some outrageous flirting. Miffy is a successful club promoter and is looking to launch a night at Upper West.

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