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Yawn and this coffee machine gives a free cup of coffee

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The concept of the vending machine sure has changed since I was younger. Now, they sell live crabs, are in cabs in my hometown (New Orleans) and need to be tackled in order to dispense their goods.

So how strange is it really that this coffee machine dispenses coffee when it sees people yawn? As part of a campaign called “Bye Bye Red Eye,” the Dutch company Douwe Egberts set up coffee machines in airports, complete with facial recognition software.

That software keeps an eye on passing masses, seeking the tired. When it catches someone yawning, the nuts-and-bolts barista dispenses a hot cup of joe for that wearied traveler.

The coffee costs nothing more than a moment of sleepiness, so hit the airport and have one more cup of coffee before you go.

First, let’s do the math: A free coffee-dispensing machine can easily find tired people and give them coffee, but TSA still needs us to remove our shoes to check for … something. Hmm.

Check out the video below to watch the yawn-powered machine in action.

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