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Cats are Canada’s biggest bird killers

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birddeathsCats kill an estimated 196 million birds in Canada each year, far more than all other human-linked bird kills combined, according to a national survey by Environment Canada.

Meanwhile the threat that everyone hears about — birds colliding with tall office buildings — is a much smaller threat. An estimated 64,000 birds die that way each year.

Houses are far more lethal, killing 22.4 million birds a year. Power lines claim another 25.6 million, while vehicles on our roads kill 13.8 million.

Overall, the survey finds that more than 95 per cent of the 268 million birds killed through human activity are victims of cats, power lines, traffic or houses.

Environment Canada says no similar study summing up all threats to birds has ever been done, anywhere.

“It’s very hard to come up with these numbers, and that’s why it hasn’t really been done till now,” said Richard Elliot, the department’s director of wildlife research.

The number of cat kills surprised him until he looked at other countries, including the United States, and saw they got similar findings earlier this year.


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