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Mexico ‘monster truck’ crash kills eight

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At least eight people have been killed and dozens injured at a show in Mexico after a modified pick-up known as a monster truck crashed into spectators.

At least one child was said to be among the dead.

The monster truck – with tyres said to be 1.5 metres (nearly 5ft) high – ploughed into a stand.

The vehicle was taking part in a demonstration at an annual air show attended by thousands in the northern city of Chihuahua on Saturday evening.

The monster truck was performing a demolition stunt which involved crushing two cars beneath its huge tyres.

Eyewitness video showed the truck completing one pass, driving over the cars, then turning for a second attempt.

It accelerated much more quickly this time and landed heavily over the second car before veering off to the right and into the stand.


Read the full story – BBC News – Mexico ‘monster truck’ crash kills eight at air show.

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