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My Tattoo Addiction returns

My Tattoo Addiction 2 Paul 8253_A2My Tattoo Addiction returns to revisit the colourful and captivating world of tattoos. Delving deep beyond the ink, this 3×60 series will explore more of the unique stories behind every tattoo.

All three episodes feature remarkable people, from across Britain whose body art tells a tale about their life. Whether it’s symbolic, spur of the moment or simply just to stand out – behind every tattoo and in some cases its cover up lies a story.

Through observational footage and compelling interviews, each challenging and often eye-watering film reveals what drives people to go under the needle, how tattoos can define you and how they come to signify our achievements, experiences and regrets.

In the tattoo world you can either stand out, or fit in. In this episode we meet the individuals for whom a tattoo completes them – allows them to feel whole and makes a statement about the person they want to be. We meet Paul, an unemployed father of 6, whose facial tattoos are his pride and joy but are also the barrier to regular work. There is Duncan, whose grief at the loss of a close friend, can only find expression through the ink on his body and we meet James, whose desire to escape from his surroundings, finds expression in his tattoos. There’s also Helen and Amy, whose tattoos are a quest for them to fit into a world that views them as outsiders. Featuring eye watering footage not for the faint of heart, this film takes you into the lives of the people who get tattoos, exploring their motives and experiences whilst asking the question, why are we as a country addicted to tattoos.

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