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Whitechapel Episode 2 Spoilers and Preview

Wednesday 11 September at 9pm on ITV

As the witch-hunt continues the killer remains one step ahead of Chandler and Miles. With two bodies already in the morgue and a third person missing, the team are up against it, not only to save the next victim, but bring the killer to justice – and for Chandler, to bring the killer in alive.
The team investigate strange symbols appearing on Whitechapel buildings, unnerving spinsters and necrotic body parts, but will Buchan’s unusual discoveries in the case files prove that there really is witchcraft in Whitechapel?
With the station still brooding beneath a sinister force, the team try to overcome their personal demons that are suddenly at the fore; mysterious footsteps echoing in the corridors, ominous phone calls, demonic reflections – will this lurking evil prevent them from catching the killer?


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