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Meredith_KercherIt was a crime that shocked the world. In 2007, British student Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered in her flat in Perugia, Italy.

Almost six years later on Sept 30 the 2013 The Italian Supreme Court will begin a retrial in an attempt to once and for all determine who really did murder the British exchange student.

In 2009, Meredith’s 21-year-old American flatmate Amanda Knox, Amanda’s 23 year old Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, and local drug dealer, Rudy Guede were found guilty of murder.

Two years later the Italian court of appeal quashed the convictions of Knox and Sollecito. Today only Rudy Guede remains behind bars – the sole perpetrator of a heinous crime…or was he?

What really happened on that fateful November night? Knox on Trial: The Key Questions looks to answer the questions on which the retrial will hinge; could Rudy have done it alone? What evidence places Amanda and Rudy at the crime scene? Who left bloody footprints in the bathroom? Was the flat window broken before or after the murder? How many people were heard fleeing the crime scene?

To help we’ve brought together two of the finest minds in the Italian legal system; Fulvia Guardascione: a glamorous Italian born criminal lawyer with a case history ranging from rape and theft to armed robbery and murder who will be arguing for the prosecution. Whilst taking the case for the defence will be Alexander Guttieres, a no-nonsense Americo-Italian criminal litigator with over 30 years in court.

Their arena is a purpose built 1:1 scale reconstruction of the Villa de la Pergola, Meredith and Amanda’s Perugia home. Here they examine the evidence and contest the arguments on which the trial will turn.

They will be helped by a supporting case of CSI specialists including a glass shatter expert, a DNA expert, a sound expert and a martial arts expert, who will be on hand to test the evidence. High speed cameras, the latest in luminous dye technology and hi tech audio equipment are employed both in the studio and at the crime scene itself in Perugia to attempt to answer Knox on trial: The Key Questions.

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