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Chatting with Jake Canuso

On Friday, Mark Nolan will be chatting with Jake Canuso, who plays Mateo in ITV´s Benidorm, amongst many other characters, prior to his first calendar signing taking place in Spain on Saturday.

Jake will be in Morgan´s Tavern, Benidorm, as used in the show for Neptune´s Bar, on Saturday, so you can pop along, have a chat, a photograph or two and then buy his calendar which he will personally sign for you.

Find out all the details this morning just after 10, that´s 9 in the UK, on 93.1fm if you´re in Spain, and www.exiteradio.com, if you are anywhere in the world, to find out what he´s been up to and what to expect in his calendar (We´re thinking lots of flesh!!!).

Jake in Benidorm

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