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Igam OgamA brand new second series of Igam Ogam launches on Channel 5’s Milkshake! in September.  Ruth Jones (Gavin & Stacey, Stella), has returned to narrate series 2 of the unique Jurassic pre-school show.

Since the  energetic cave girl Igam Ogam and her prehistoric pals – Roly the monkey, Birdie the know-it-all pterodactyl, Doggie the lickisaurus, Triple Tog the sabre-toothed tiger and Big Daddy the T-Rex – burst onto our screens they have delighted and entertained young audiences, being most popular amongst children aged 4-9, claiming a 15% share of their viewing (January-March 2013)*.

Jessica Symons, Head of Children’s at Channel 5 comments: “Igam Ogam is a beautifully produced, funny, fastpaced animation, which has been a big hit with our young audience.  I am thrilled to include this stunning new series in our exciting autumn line-up.”

Robin Lyons, Executive Producer at Calon TV comments: “Igam Ogam is a standout female character within preschool television.  Our young audience think she’s hilarious and the new series is bound to have little ones laughing out loud.”

Igam Ogam is a co-production between Telegael, one of Europe’s leading animation and television production houses and Welsh independent production company Calon.  Animated at Telegael’s new stop-motion studio Beochanin in Ireland for Channel 5, the brand new series of Igam Ogam features new adventures and new friends too.  There’s Finian the fish who wants to play on land even though he belongs in water, a prima donna Primrose who tries to upstage Igam Ogam with her singing and some greedy ants who certainly know how to bug Roly!  There are new locations as well; a tree-house that Igam Ogam built, a roundabout that directs traffic in the underground slidey-ride and an elevator tree to save on climbing!

Igam Ogam is the latest animation from Welsh production company Calon, whose creative team made the worldwide hit Superted, Sali Mali, Fireman Sam and the Bafta-winning series Hana’s Helpline, which is also broadcast on Channel 5.    There are plans for a consumer product range to be available in time for Christmas 2013.

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