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Who might be on to David? SPOILERS

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David is panic-striken that his terrible secret will be exposed as Tina realises he’s to blame for the crash, Jack P Shepherd has revealed.

Jack, who plays David, said: “Tina clocks that this is all David’s doing and she threatens to tell Kylie the truth. David pleads with her not to tell anyone, he’s petrified that she’ll open her mouth.”

Nick is fighting for his life in hospital following the dramatic crash, which saw David unplug his brother’s seatbelt before grabbing the wheel of the van.

“David wasn’t necessarily intending to kill Nick, but he certainly wanted to stop the van and the only way to do that was by putting Nick’s life in danger,” said Jack.

“David is just living in fear about people finding out the truth…”

“David still doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. Nick committed the ultimate betrayal to his brother and David believes he needs punishing for that,” said Jack.

“He’s so worried that Nick will survive and tell Kylie what’s happened and that he’ll then lose her and the unborn baby.”

“If Nick wakes up and threatens to tell everyone the truth then I do think David will lose it. It will push him over the edge because he knows that nobody will be on his side.”

As Tina starts to put the pieces together, David is terrified that she will jeopardise his future happiness with Kylie if she tells anyone.

“David is petrified that she’ll open her mouth.”

‘David would be relieved if Nick never woke up – he’d get away with it all’

“He does get a little bit aggressive with Tina when she runs out and declares she’s going to tell Kylie everything.”

Jack added: “He sees Tina’s reaction when she discovers the truth, and he knows that Kylie will also think that David’s entirely in the wrong. That scares him.”

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