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Water MenuFeaturing Bottles From $8 to $20

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Sometimes bottled water is expensive, and it’s often imported from all over the world, including such far-flung places as Fiji, and now a restaurant in Los Angeles is taking bottled water to new levels, according to NBC.

Ray’s and Stark Bar, located in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has a new water menu that was introduced on Monday, complete with a water sommelier, Martin Riese, the only certified water sommelier in the country.  He said he was certified by the German Mineral Water Association.

Riese, a water expert who has written a book on the subject in his home country of Germany, will explain to thirsty diners with deep pockets how to taste the water fully and describe its flavors as they browse the menu offering twenty waters listed by country and ranging in price from $8 (for Evian) to $20 (for Berg).

The menu, which runs a length of 45 pages, lists the waters by country and includes the sodium, calcium and magnesium counts for each water, as well as sweet/salty and smooth/complex scales. The menu is billed as the “most extensive water menu” in the country, and includes a water flight.

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