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20130812 - LOVEBOAT KILLS TWOHaving been built in 1971, the ship named “MS Pacific”, which was more famously known as the “Pacific Princess”, star of the popular TV series The Love Boat, was taken to a Turkish scrap yard for scrapping at last week.

However, not ready to shy away from the limelight just yet, the ship has turned evil and taken the lives of two workers who were part of the team dismantling her, as they worked in the engine room which became flooded in the incident.

According to a Turkish newspaper, “The accident took place on August 9 at the shipyard in Aliaga, near the Aegean city of Izmir, where the two workers died, poisoned by noxious gases while working in the engine room flooded after an incident.

The Love Boat is available on DVD. Please consider purchasing it to keep the memory of this ship alive…

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