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You could be the proud owner of an original ‘Schindler’s List’, currently being offered for sale on Ebay, with a starting bid of 3 million dollars.

Just to avoid any confusion, we are not talking about the DVD here, this is the actual list compiled by Oskar Schindler himself, which was later the inspiration for a film of course.

The 14 page manuscript, with 801 names printed on it, lists hundreds of people that the German businessman set out to save.

Of the seven original versions of the list, only two known to still exist, one in the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Israel, and one in the Holocaust Museum in Washington. The collectors who own this list, Gary Zimet and Eric Gazin, explained that they decided to use Ebay because the site has over 100 million members and consider the document to be of global interest.

The auction is set to end on the 29th of July, with one lucky bidder then becoming the proud owner of a little piece of history. Oh, and if you´re worried about your purchase getting lost in the post, the auction states “Local collection only”, so postage is not included.

You can view the lot on Ebay by clicking this link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Schindler-s-List-from-Family-of-Itzhak-Stern-Dated-April-18-1945-/190871530669


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