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Man who injected olive oil loses penis

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Sausages being COOKED in olive oil.
Sausages being COOKED in olive oil.
A 50 year old man in Thailand, who injected olive oil into his penis on the advice of a friend, has had his genitals removed as he contracted pelvic cancer as a result.

“It was the biggest genital surgery we’ve ever done, and it was necessary in view of the state of the had cancer”, according to a spokesperson at the Bangkok Hospital.

Substances injected into the penis to increase its size is a fast growing trend in Thailand, despite frequent warnings of the dangers with the spokesperson explaining that “Thai men seem to be obsessed with the size of their sexual organs”, continuing to describe some of the 40 cases a month they are dealing with which have included paraffin wax, silicone or honey, as well as olive oil.

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