A young man in Valencia is celebrating a legal battle, after a judge this week invalidated a fine of 2,400 euro that was imposed on him for playing loud music from his car.

The man received the fine after parking his vehicle o Paseo de Neptuno, playing his music and having the vehicle´s windows open, which constituted a disturbance local legislation.

However, the man appealed the fine as the constitution must treat all individuals as equal, and if the noise he had created did indeed cause a disturbance, is was nothing compared to the noise created by the Formula 1 championship which frequently takes to the streets of the city, where the road network has been adapted to be able to host such an event with considerable ease. Nor could his music possibly be as loud as the Fallas celebrations in the city, the noche de San Juan or other, similar fiestas.

With this consideration in mind, the judge had no option but to agree with the appeal, the noise created by the race cars is far louder than his music could possibly be, thus nullifying the fine issued against the man and effectively halting any similar proceedings that may be going through the court at this time.

Between June 2011 and March 2012, the police imposed 2,400 euro fines on 57 people who were driving around the city, playing loud music, with their windows, and sometimes the boot, open, as a campaign against the antisocial street parties which had started to spiral out of control in many Spanish cities. The agreed rate of fines in Valencia was set at between 600 and 6,000 euro, depending on the severity of the noise.

The town hall and local police must now wait to see the judicial implications of the case, once the rulings of the court have been issued and implemented.

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