Not all businesses are feeling the pinch of the financial crisis; some are managing to get to grips with a growing market, one of big turnover and increasing interest.

One sector that is still managing to offer impressive results is one involved in self esteem improvements, largely due to the surgical procedures offered to their male clientele, especially those suffering from a condition being referred to as “wardrobe syndrome”.

The matter is related to men who fear that they may be inferior in the trouser department, not simply feeling that they underestimate their equipment, but have a genuine fear that they may fail to satisfy, either in a physical sense, or in comparison to a previous partner.

“Penis size is an issue that concerns many men, even of a certain age, and it has increased due to the proliferation of images on the Internet and oversized penises in porn movies that distort what is considered normal”, explains Dr. Mariano Rosselló, director of the Institute for Sexual Medicine in Madrid, who continues to explain that, “The diameter of the male organ has always been associated with virility and masculinity of a man. However, now it has become a psychological problem for many of them”.

The physician also states that, according to experts, an incredible 90% of patients who request surgery don´t actually need it. For those who do, there may be a number of reasons, but the main reason the requests are made are aesthetic or psychological. According to the statistics, the average age of patients is 41.5 years and in the centre in Madrid, there have been 80 operations conducted since 2006, which is said to be a relatively simple procedure, but will cost a packet, at a minimum of 6,000 euro, although the final price it does depend on the complexity of the intervention, so it might be worth getting a few quotes before contracting the work to be carried out.

via Leader – News, Sport, Spanish Property, Advertising, Classifieds – Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Calida, Costa de Almeria, Spain.

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