20130520 - UNLICENSED DRUGGED UP BIKER YOUTH ARRESTED AGAINLocal police officers in Plasencia, a walled market city in the province of Cáceres in Extremadura, Spain, have arrested a 17 year old minor for the fourth time, who was caught at a checkpoint at the controls of a motorcycle, despite not having the requisite license and failing a drug test.

Spokesperson for the police, Enrique Cenalmor, said in a statement that they have also arrested both parents, charging them for a second time, as accomplices in crime against road safety.

It was on Friday night, at around midnight, when a patrol spotted the rider and bike on calle Pedro de Lorenzo in the town, recognizing the driver as the officers were the same ones who had previously arrested the boy three times for the same reason.

They gave chase to the motorcycle which ended in the village of San Lázaro. Officers asked to see the riders license, but he stated that he didn´t have one. The parents were then called as they had previously promised that they would “take care” of the youth and not give him the bike back.

This child was first arrested in November 2009 when he was 13, for driving without a license and a month later they arrested him again along with the father was charged as necessary co-operator. In 2010, the officers stopped the rider again for the same offense, now repeated once again in 2013.

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