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Last Longbridge Mini For Sale

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This car is said to be the last Mini to roll out of the famous Longbridge plant in the UK, a Mini Clubman 1275 GT, which may not look up to much, but is surrounded in history.


The car was found only a few months ago, hidden in a tunnel at the car plant, and it is widely believed that the car was damaged and hidden by employees, seeking to avoid any complaint following whatever actions led to the damage.


With her body rusty and damaged, and most of the interior trim and mechanical parts unrecoverable, this “mysterious” motor has been recovered and given a little bit of repair, hard to believe though it might seem, ready to go to auction on July the 27th.


Some parts of the body have been cleaned, the hood and roof has returned to its original position, since it was completely crushed by the “accident”, and with only 11 miles on the clock, it might make a tidy little motor for somebody.

In case you wonder, or are looking for inspiration, let´s have a look at what you could have won. This is how she would have looked in the brochure.


Click here to visit Silverstone Auctions and get ready to place your bid for a piece of motoring history.

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