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Channel 5 has announced three one off documentaries (60 mins each) to air summer 2013


Simon Raikes, Commissioning Editor Channel 5 said “These three films cover a diverse range of subjects, but each one takes the viewer deep into the daily existence of people with extraordinary stories to tell – stories that are not only compelling, but which raise fundamental questions about how we all live our lives.”


ELLIE’S WORLD (Working Title)


Ellie’s World explores the extraordinary life of a ten-year-old in Britain’s only openly polygamous family. Ellie Sharp’s father Phillip is a self-styled Messianic Jew who has taken seven wives. Although not legally married to them – as polygamy is illegal in Britain – each wife has changed their surname to Sharp and all wear wedding rings. But cracks are starting to appear in the family’s way of life. One mum wants out, tensions are mounting between the other wives, her father has major financial worries and Ellie wants change too – going to school with other children rather than being home-schooled. Ellie’s World is a fascinating look at a lifestyle that most people didn’t know existed.


An OR Media /GroupM Entertainment Production for Channel 5


Producer/Director: Kat English

Executive Producer: Narinder Minhas

Executive producers for GroupM Entertainment: Tony Moulsdale and Melanie Darlaston

TEEN AMNESIA (Working Title)


Imagine never being able to remember what happened ten minutes ago. What if you couldn’t remember to take your clothes off before a shower – or even recognize your own reflection? This is not the story of an elderly person but a group of teenage amnesiacs. From school and sports to shopping and dating, the documentary sheds light on how everyday activities become a heart-breaking daily struggle for young amnesiacs.


This film follows the story of four teenagers as they attend a unique summer camp in Yorkshire. The camp is run by the Encephalitis Society, Encephalitis being a potentially fatal brain condition with one side effect being severe amnesia. Will their time in the camp help them to acquire new skills and experiences that could transform their lives forever?


An OR Media /GroupM Entertainment Production for Channel 5 Producer/Director: Trevor Docksey Executive Producer: Narinder Minhas Executive producers for GroupM Entertainment: Tony Moulsdale and Abigail Adams




At nearly 65 stone Ricky Naputi is one of the world’s fattest men, a prisoner in his own home. He urgently needs to lose weight before his obesity kills him. But Ricky and wife Cheryl live in the Pacific Ocean on the island of Guam where there is no obesity surgery that might save his life. This is the story of the struggle and ultimately tragic failure to save Ricky. In a desperate effort to get help Ricky appeals to campaigner Angie Flores, herself a former weight loss surgery patient, who lives 10,000 miles away in Texas. Angie calls in first an American, then an Australian, surgeon who travel to Guam to meet Ricky and Cheryl. Both give Ricky an ultimatum – lose weight or the surgery can never happen. Over a three year period the film follows the dramatic highs and lows as Ricky pursues his dream to have surgery and lose weight – a dream he is never able to realize.


An Electric Sky Production for Channel 5

Producers Rebecca Gilhooly, Ashok Prasad

Producer/Director Nina Lowes

Executive Producers Andrew Webb, David Pounds

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